Bigger IMPACTS of little changes in EVERYDAY life– Gifts from mother-nature

  • “Be the change you want to see in the world”, a very famous saying by Mahatma Gandhi can be implemented to bring the hopefulness, it is not about making a forest, running an organisation, it is all about small acts of change, oceans are made through drops of waters, just like that if we decide to consume things which brings change, creates impacts even 0.01% counts on that, switching your lifestyle with very minor efforts can actually bring change.
  • We are consuming beings, and strange to know that the major climate exhaustion is caused mainly by that. We continuously consume, without a second thought that what production and labour may have required to service you that product. Can we count the single-use plastic facility which we used last month? No!
  • Choosing organic products is simply the solution to reduce the suffering, its like saying “YES, mother-nature, we care.” With likeminded people you can actually explore the eco-friendly living ways to remain a part of nature, instead of treating nature as a part of you.
  • As a consumer you have so much power over market, seller simply sale what gets sold. Once you choose living an organic way by taking small but very decision, you will be changing the progress bar of markets, remember 0.01% also have its value.
  • The mentality of can instead of the mindset of can’t is how you manifest success in your life, remaining a good friend to your roots will cost you nothing but everything which makes you good asset of earth. We are our choices. Grow the seed without the selfish thought of eating the fruit, rest the universe will keep sending you fruit trucks at your door. Simply just sow, take the little effort.
  • As a citizen of earth, you have been called to harness your primal power to do amazing things, to make astonishing progress to uplift lives in society with whom you can take care of this beautiful planet.
  • But we are so caught-up with responsibilities and duties of materialistic life which is actually just an illusion of life, it is hard for us to recall the last time when we were fully engaged with mother-nature, keeping consistency to be able to reflect our concern for earth by being a good friend to the planet is very tough, we have so much things to do, who is going to pay bills of living which humans have evolved to sustain, if a person just decides to help the planet?
  • There is uncountable reasoning for people, when they are being asked about eco-friendliness. Saying a quote about it won’t help, writing an essay, won’t create an impact unless it is bought in physical actions. And as talked before we are already involved in so much of actions of life which we call responsibility and duties, it makes hard to electrify the connection with our true ground, soil. When was the last time you felt the soil in your feet? You don’t remember, paved with concrete we have created distance. Hoping it rises questions in your mind that “how do we connect back to our roots?”, “what can be done to be an eco-friendly being?”
  • Just because you can’t see the solution, doesn’t mean it does not exist, it is always been there, hidden somewhere, which shows up when you actually take actions, even small change, tiniest change for friendliness towards mother-nature can create wonders. Go organic, make a wise choice, you define yourself by the choices you make.

By: Abhyuday Tiwari